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The Guys

The Girls

Shooter 1.png

Color: Black, Silver, White

Pattern: Brindle

Age: 5 Years

Height: 24" at withers

Weight: 65 lbs


Shooter is a real looker. He has gorgeous amber eyes and a beautiful dense coat. He loves attention, especially being scratched at the base of his tail! His temperament is calm and laid back. He is a UKC show champion and has been a wonderful addition to our family!

Lyric 4.jpg

Color: Black, White, Parti

Pattern: Tuxedo

Age: 2.5 Years

Height: 22" at withers

Weight: 50 lbs


Lyric is a beautiful girl who loves to lay on the porch. Her temperment is calm and sociable. She is quite smart and knows a myriad of tricks!  She loves tractor rides in the fields and visiting the local feed store with my husband. She is loved dearly by our family.

Harlow 1.jpg

Color: Light Red

Pattern: ---

Age: 2.5 Years

Height: 23" at withers

Weight: 50 lbs


Harlow is full of character. She is energetic and enjoys scouring the yard for critters and peering up trees for squirrels. She has a mid to high prey drive. In addition to keeping us all on our toes and laughing at her antics, she also enjoys being loved on. Life would be pretty boring around here without her!

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