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     I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember. Life without a canine companion would be so empty. Every dog I've owned has been a vital part of my family. Of all the dogs I've ever owned the Standard Poodle breed has surpassed them all. Their intelligence, beauty, and loyalty gives them such a regal and stately demeanor. My first encounter with a Standard Poodle  had me saying, "What a magnificent creature!" A few months later I found my first Standard Poodle , now known as Lyric; who is a Black and White Tuxedo Parti. With Lyric, it was love at first sight! She is cherished immensely by our entire family! In time I was convinced that everyone needed a Standard Poodle in their life and committed to raising healthy, happy, and loving companions  for others to love.  And that is the story of how I began my journey with Standard Poodles as canine companions!

My Story:

My Commitment:

     Committing to raise Standard Poodles was a big decision for me. Putting an emphasis on health has always been the most important component. All of my poodles are health and DNA tested. I also only breed dogs with a sound temperament. My puppies are raised using ENS (early neurological stimulation) to encourage their neuroligical growth and development. Raising dogs that are happy, healthy, beautiful, and well taken care of is important me and my family. We want our puppies to be ready for life in their new homes when they leave ours. 


     Standard Poodles are robust dogs that love people. They are alert, trainable, and very instinctual! They are also adaptable dogs with the ability to endure a city or farm life. Wherever their home, they require grooming, frequent exercise, and mental stimulation. After all, they are the second smartest breed of dog! I hope you fall in love with the Standard Poodle breed like I did! 

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